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Lets make a Preview Contest

Journal Entry: Fri Apr 24, 2015, 4:46 PM

So...I just released a huge theme called MetroX VS.  Now I'm looking for someone to attempt to make a preview for it.  The successful candidate will be rewarded with a 1 MONTH PREMIUM MEMBERSHIP.  So jump on board and start making a preview.

A huge thanks to all who enter, but only one can take the cake.  If you want to note me your preview or link to it on the VS submission page both are fine.  If you make a preview please link it to the VS.

So what are you waiting for install the VS and open up PhotoShop and have some fun!

Waiting in the wings...


SSC15 Rules and Timeline

Journal Entry: Tue Apr 7, 2015, 2:49 PM
UPDATE! Please read...

Screenshot contest has been an annual tradition carried on from the days of  If you'd like to participate please leave a small message in this journal to give an indication of the amount of interest, otherwise if there is not enough participants there will be no point in carrying further with the contest.  So I implore you to drop a quick message saying you'll be taking part either as a participant or judge or not at all!  Thanks.

Categories & Prizes:

Bullet; Blue WINDOWS, LINUX & OS X

1st Prize | 1 year Premium Membership
2nd Prize | 3 month Premium Membership
3rd | 1 month Premium Membership

1st Prize | 3 month Premium Membership


• One submission per author to each category (you can participate in more categories, but only with one screenshot)
• Give proper credits please if you mod or use someone else's work.
• Submit work to the PixelPeddlers SSC15 folder when it becomes available!
• Make something awesome!!!


• April - Official announcement!
• Timeline for submitting: May 1st - June 1st
• A week after, the screenshots will be voted by judges.*
• When everything is tallied up a journal with the winning features will be released. Prizes** will awarded at that time as well.

We need a judges panel to be filled with some nice people who will take one week in June to take a look at submissions and critique and rate them. Send out the word to those that might be interested or apply yourself, if you don't have time or don't want to participate.

** Moonbeam13 through the community relations team will graciously be supplying the prizes again this year!



Journal Entry: Sat Apr 4, 2015, 12:46 AM


Well guess what folks?  Yep it's that time of year again.   You don't want to miss out on this years contests to end all custo contests,  Sceenshot Contest 2015.  We are looking for talented deviant artists out there to show off their best desktop/mobile screenshots for this year. (new submissions only)

So if you think you have what it takes, start preparing!  More details to be announced soon.  This journal is just foreshadowing whats to come.  We'd really like this year to be a year to be remembered in the custo scene.

This contest will be a PixelPeddlers exclusive promotion.  So join up today.  All other groups and affiliates are encouraged to advise their members to join in the contest and spread the word.



Desktop category*
:bulletblue: WINDOWS
:bulletgreen: LINUX
:bulletyellow: OS X

1st Prize | 1 year Premium Membership
2nd Prize | 3 month Premium Membership
3rd | 1 month Premium Membership

Mobile category*
1st Prize | 3 month Premium Membership

* Rules to be announced shortly, but feel free to get started working on those submissions now.  Just wait until the contest rules are announced before submitting anything.  Also we're on the look out for Judges for the competition, so if you don't think you'll be submitting this year but have an eye for what we're looking for please leave a message.

Yours truly


Journal Entry: Tue Mar 31, 2015, 2:36 PM
Come check out our Interview with Torsten Schneider aka novoo


A PixelPeddlers exclusive.  Come join our group and stay tuned for more features and interviews from your favorite artists!


Journal Entry: Sat Mar 21, 2015, 10:30 AM
Hey folks it's time for a new suite to be released.  That's right, Ashen is coming to your screen.  The original concept and design came from the masterminds known as bant and gigatexel.

One day our good mate rissol decided on recreating this great theme Ashen - The Fall of an Empire on Windows 7.  In doing so he lit a spark in the custo community gathering people such as myself, LukasKokoska, IzzuThug & allannyholm to embark on a journey to bring Ashen to the modern interface.  Without further ado I bring you the collection...






PixelPeddlers - Looking for new members!

Journal Entry: Fri Feb 27, 2015, 4:48 AM

To all my Watchers and friends, I implore you to check out our latest offering...


A group dedicated to the Custo scene.  There we share and explore what
customization has to offer, whether it's old or new school.  
We welcome all forms of
custo, Windows, OS X, Linux, Mobile, you name it, we want to see it!  
It's kinda like a
family of sorts in that we share the same love of the custo culture and wish to nurture it and
watch it grow.

Membership is open and free and we hope to gather as many as possible who want a place
to hang out, share ideas, or chat on our live chat page.  

We have a lot to offer in terms of experienced staff and those with a wealth of knowledge in
the category.    We aren't elitists, we welcome those with little to no experience as well as those
who are masters at what they do!

So let me reiterate, WE WANT YOU!!!
Come check us out and sign up now, you won't regret it.





Still a lot of work to do on it but i'd like you guys to help spread the word and lend your support to our latest offering.


Hey folks, how's everyone doing? :D

I was wondering if you guys would do me the honor of suggesting some of your favorite
groups from around deviantART.

Please try to keep them related to customizing in some fashion as this is my main interest.

Also let me know if you may be an admin or owner of such groups, just for curiosity's sake. ;)

Also to all others if you just want to give a shout out to say how things are going by all means.

Cheers guys & gals, looking forward to your comments! :hug:

:iconwestyle-community: :iconlos-minima: :iconcustomizewindows: :icondigitalvanity: :iconanything-screenshots:
:iconcustomizelovers: :iconscreen-with-style: :iconcustomizers-world: :iconminimalcustomizers: :iconpixelmunch:
:iconnappy-fone-group: :iconultimate-desktop: :iconvisual-stylz: :iconskinpack: :iconditchdefault: